Need help designing a new, updated logo for your company? What about those company brochures? Are they portraying your business as a professional and reliable company?

Our team is committed to bringing you the best look for what your business, customized to you.

Contact us today so that we can help you send the best message to your customers in a good-looking professional way.

Susan Travis, Creative Director

You have heard it once, or twice, I want to design the world! I love all types of design. I do choose favorites though. Print is the best. Nothing better then smelling the fresh ink and feeling the texture of the paper in your hands!

I am a Wife, Mother, Creative Director and a survivor of being a Track and Football Coach wife. I strive to keep the laundry kept up, dishes clean, kids fed and great design leaving the Power Source. I am a failure on the laundry and dishes front, but I am crushing on kids being fed and with the team I have here at Power Source, amazing design is the only thing leaving the building.  •  712-336-5614

Tara Rosengren

Tara Rosengren, Senior Designer

Born in the wilderness and raised by cows, I will create designs that moooove you. Contrary to popular belief...making timelines, schedules, and cleaning are my best methods to combat stress. However, deadlines are based around county and state fairs.

I love basketball, typography, rustic home decor, cows, pasta, logo design, sweets, the color blue, traveling, and my doctor husband, Tyler. Did I say cows already?

Don’t let your business suffer. Be part of our herd! Let us design for you today!

Jessie Kabele, Web & Social Media Specialist

I am a proud dog mom of an adopted pup, Clyde. During the day I am keeping up with the social media of all our clients. Let’s be honest, they should call me Social Media Ninja, but to keep it professional I will let them call me a “Specialist.” My goal is to get as many people looking at you as possible. And of course, always at the right times. Never like those movie star pictures with no make-up, just got done with a workout, hiding under a hat look. I am going to make your business shine for all to see.

When I am not behind my computer, you will find me outside and using my Ninja skills, avoiding ticks. Side Note: Wouldn’t life be much more enjoyable if you didn’t have to worry about freeloaders sucking the life out of you? I feel the best places that ticks do not seek me out is on the boat or tubing down the river. I do love running, being walked by my dog, cleaning and pizza! In the end, I work hard so my dog can have a better tick-free life.

Max Rohlfsen, Sales Manager

I’m an avid outdoorsman who talks too much and enjoys making people laugh.  I truly enjoy helping others and always have enjoyed meeting new people. My love for copious amounts of coffee likely attributed to me going bald in my early 20s but it is something I have come to embrace. 

When not at my desk helping business owners gain visibility with their customers, I like to be out fishing or sitting around a bonfire with family.. My favorite place in the world is the trout streams of Northeast Iowa where there is no cell phone service for miles, surrounding myself with the purest forms of the outdoors.